Tuesday, March 30, 2010


evEn thOu I dO tHingS taT Hurt
I tRy sO haRd tAt YoU AlwaYs See
HoW MuCh YoU beIng In My LiFe
AnD How MucH yOu'rE MeaN TO Me

iM sorRy Yet aGAin FoR CaUsinG You pAiN
tAT iS The Last ThiNg i EvEr Want To Do
EveN WheN i Am TryIng tO LooK OuT fOR YOu
And Do The RigHt tHing
i'M mEss Up...i'M soRRy foR ThAT tOo

i HopE yOu StiLL KnOw How MucH i Love aND chEriSh You
LikE nOthIng Else iN My LifE GivE me tHe trIlL oF beINg LovE By YoU
i HopE TaT yOu ListEn aNd See It in My eyEs
tIs SinCere ApoLogy ComES fRom tEArs of My LifE


Dah tulis?? Terima kasih :)